fires in greece… same every year

24 Αυγ.

There is fire on the mountain (as in Asa’s song). Almost all of our green treasure is now burnt. The ecological disaster is undoubtedly enormous and all of us are left with an open mouth. How did that happen? And how the fuck did that happen AGAIN? Two years ago we had the same situation to cope with. Didn’t the government learn a thing?

As long as we vote for the same people, same shit will happen. I am not one of those who blame the government for everything but i think this is a time which their fault is officially admitted. By all, except them. They are too busy hiding under their bed to get out to help or at least to say something valuable. A girl in the media said the prime Minister is an asshole. Another person said he would like to burn his home down. The people, myself included, are totally indignant at all this mess. This country is a mess while after while. A change is gonna come NOT.

People are left without houses. Some of them were on vacation and they saw their homes on fire from a tv. Some others stayed and did whatever they could, fought really hard, almost get burnt to save their estate. Catastrophe and chaos.

Yesterday morning, my boyfriend packed his «most valuable things» and came to my home. We sat in front of a tv wondering if his house was gonna be burnt down or not. After 5 hours he decided to go down there to see what is happening by himself and eventually he spent all night being in a car, «combing» the area for arsonists. In fact they saw 2 but they didn’t make to catch them.

Can you imagine a man burning down another man’s house? Can you imagine living in a city which gives you the impression of a war happening? It is not the government after all. It is all this scum people. Those who start wars, who hurt innocent people, who kill for no reason, who rape, who burn forests, those who generally cause serious trouble in their own species. I think animals have at least more dignity. Yes, we are all this shit.

PS: The fire brigade are fantastic, they have done everything possible to help. Some firemen are 3 days in a row sleepless, trying to help, putting in the same time their lives at stake. A big hug to them. As for the others, i hope they’ll be burnt in their own fire.






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